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Hey Greg and Leon,

	We all voted the multiple return on email was overall most convenient,
and way better than inadvertently sending stuff only to the
correspondent and NOT the reflector.

	Besides, we hoped one day we would get to read your innermost secrets

	Speaking of death-wishes, what's up with the gale force winds ?  Is
that what Aussie's do for crosswind practice ?

	Good luck in testing !


Jeff Barnes

Mr Greg Poole wrote:
> ...Did it again!  Brian can you PLEASE do something about the double
> posting deal with the Reflector? Others might think it's OK but it's
> driving me nuts.
> ...Views expressed by the writer are not necessarily held by the writer,
> represent personal opinion and may be completely incorrect. RRRRRRRRRRRR!
> I'm goin to go shoot myself!
> Greg Poole
> (Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)