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Re: REFLECTOR: Aussie Velocity

Mr Greg,

> > guru"

At last count there was about 2000 canards flying and at least that many being
built.Most of these "thousands" could have told you how to rig your plane.

>  Reflector
>  respect for many of those using it

Remember the most important questions are the "stupid" ones.  Nobody should feel
shy or worried about putting their foot in their mouth.  The Velocity reflector
group is the most intelligent, diversified and determined bunch of people I've ever
known.  Anybody who has it together enough and has the nerve to build their own
plane of this size and complexity is rare and really special.  It's an honor to
communicate with this group.

> Everything is going splendidly except withthe
> gear doors off they are nearly frezing to death. Retract worked like a
> charm today so retract doors go on next trip.

Be sure the edge of the doors don't catch.  With the air loads things change
especially with the nose gear doors.  It's good to have a co-pilot in the airplane
with a big screw driver and the back panel out if you have main gear problems.  If
you have trouble getting the nose gear doors to open in flight you can slow way
down and use the "stick".  Becareful and good luck.  Watch out for Murfy's Law.
"If it can go wrong it will go wrong."