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Re: REFLECTOR: Aussie Velocity

>There is a little left "P factor" in climb unless you have a "L" engine and
>prop.  Is the ball in the center?  If the ball is to the left in level flight
>then shim the left rudder out slightly.  If the ball is centered but the right
>wing is down then you may need to make a 1/32" thick   1/2" washer and put it
>on the bottom left outer bolt between the center and wing spar.The stable
>morning air always helps with this fine tuning.

Spot on Alan,

We did everything you mentioned and the 1/32" thick   1/2" washer that you
suggested really sorted things out.

Leon really respects you as a "flight guru" and made the comment today that
he cannot understand why you spend so much time with those on the Reflector
(he does not have a lot of respect for many of those using it and thinks
most have a death wish). They spent some time aloft in the XL today just
before gale force winds hit. Everything is going splendidly except withthe
gear doors off they are nearly frezing to death. Retract worked like a
charm today so retract doors go on next trip.



Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L