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Re: REFLECTOR: fuselage leveling post & jack(s)

I've always thought that I had the easiest leveing jacks.  They consist of 
scaffold jack bases with a pipe over the threaded rod bases.  The pipe has a 
steel plate welded to the top to act as a bearing point.  The plate can be 
covered with carpet to avoid scratching the plane.  For those of you 
unfamiliar with scaffold jacks, they are used to adjust scaffolds for uneven 
ground.  They consist of a 8 or 10 inch square base plate rest on the ground. 
 The base plate is attached to a vertical course threaded rod, slightly 
smaller than the inside diameter of the scaffold pipe.  There is a large wing 
nut type apparatus on the threaded rod that raises or lowers the scaffold.  
With the pipe on top of the base instedad of the scaffold, it is easy to 
micro adjust the plane into a level position.

Regardles of the type of jack used, I would not consider them sturdy.  Use 
the jack only to atain the level position, then support with blocking under 
the gear legs.

Jerry Teitsma -- 173 Elite FG