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REFLECTOR: thrust vectoring


The engine always compresses the rubber mounts from sitting on the
ground, not from running.  If you rig the mount at 1 degree it will
return to that when the thrust is applied.

My computer flight test have shown 1 degree cant to be correct for 0" up
to 6" above centerline on the thrust line.  Your 4.5" and 1 degree is

I didn't want to alarm you or anything but I didn't know how high you
were above thrust line.  I thought others doing conversions should be
aware of  thrust lines and vectoring if they weren't already.  The
relationship between positive thrust vectoring and the canard incidence
is also an interesting and often misunderstood rigging factor.

My references are: Burt Rutan, Long EZ 1976 and Ted Yon, Velocity 1984.
The original designer Heinkel, 1932, was unavailable for comment.

Alan Shaw

>   they start with about 1 degree forward cant was because after the
> engine settles in after running for a while they sag sometimes