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REFLECTOR: SVX & IVO Prop...rigging


How far above center line is your thrust line?  Most "EZ's" and  Classic
Velocities are very close to center line with the PROP CANTED FORWARD
ONE DEGREE.  This provides some reflex with your power making take offs
shorter.  If you have to add power at the last second on landing it can
help prevent nosing in.

If your prop is 8" to 12" above center line then you need 1.5 to 2
degrees.  Sometimes more incidence is added to the canard to solve long
ground roll problems instead of rigging the engine mount correctly.

Alan Shaw

> This gives me an offset of just about 4 1/2" because of where I
> mounted the engine on the firewall. I have 12 1/2" ground clearance
> and my prop is 1 1/2" closer to the firewall than standard.