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Re: REFLECTOR: Reflector:SVX & IVO Prop update

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Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 11:51 PM
Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: Reflector:SVX & IVO Prop update & responses  

I'm using an arimid belt type PSRU built by Don Parham RFI  with a 2-1 reduction. This gives me an offset of just about 4 1/2" because of where I mounted the engine on the firewall. I have 12 1/2" ground clearance and my prop is 1 1/2" closer to the firewall than standard. My cowl is modified to come together to a "boat tail" at the aft end to be shorter and to allow my exhaust augmentors to work.
The bilge fans are plumbed to the heater core which is mounted on the firewall, engine side , one draws air out of the cabin thru the core and dumped overboard (not exhausted into engine compartment*) the other draws outside air thru the same scoop that cools the main radiator and feeds the engine and either feeds it thru the heater core and into the cabin for cabin heat or bypasses the core for cool air into the cabin.
My engine RPMs are as follows peak torque  4800 RPM, max. HP 5600 RPM, redline 6000 RPM and as I said my PSRU is 2-1 so my prop speeds are 1/2 that. Subaru lists that engine at 230 HP in the car, Ivo says it must be making more than that based on how fast it turned the "standard pitch" prop. I've made slight modifications to the air intake system and a less restrictive exhaust manifold otherwise the engine is stock. Hope this helps.
Regards Lino