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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel level sensor

Title: Fuel level sensor
I have also used the probes from Skysport.
It was not easy to find a good place to install the probe in Velocity.
If the probe enters top of the tank as you did, the head of the probe must locate on the wing.
I thought it would look ugly and obstruct the air flow on the wing.
So I put the probe entering the side of the fuselage.
Since I worry about the fuel leakage, I bonded it by microglass.
I used bendable probes and bended it in two places such that it could measure the fuel at the top of the tank.
Woudl I be the only one who installed the capacity type probe inside the fuselage?
Eung T Kim
South Korea
173 FGE
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Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 3:03 AM
Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel level sensor

I got my sender unit from Skysport (810-735-9433).  $85 including mounting flange.  I got the 12" probe; unit mounts in fuselage, prob entering top of tank, then bending down (1" radius) angling outward to near the bottom.
Al Gietzen    RGE