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Re: REFLECTOR: V-6 Radiator System

Thanks for the extra detail. I have a few more questions.

How are the wing root radiators mounted? I suppose that you
are building something off of the wing scoops, but I'm not
clear on location of the cores and mounting. Chuck Harbert
has a long radiator on one side of the engine mount, with a
fan on the inside to suck air through when needed. He found
that he needed another radiator, and now has a second
below the engine, also bolted to the mount. He is still trying
to figure out how to duct the air.

You mention a fan. Do I understand correctly that the fan is
only on the core which is in the nose? If this is supposed to
dump extra heat while taxiing in the summer, then I guess
you have a diverter which pushes the air overboard when you
do not want the heat in the cabin. Did you use the Velocity
standard air inlet and exhaust areas? 

Are you plumbing the 3 cores in series or parallel, or some
combination, like the two wing root cores in series with the
nose core parallel?

Thanks much,