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Re: REFLECTOR: Props... Contd.

Kurt, do these people have a web page where I can see the product?


NMFlyer1@aol.com wrote:

> Thanks for all the input on props.  I have just enough info to have no idea
> what I will do !!  I wanted to show all on the reflector a recent post I got
> from Airmaster Props.  Let me know what you think, and if you have any input.
> Thanks again, Here it is:
> Kurt Winker,
> 173 FGE
> 4.3L Chev, Alum V-6
> Hi Kurt,
> I am a partner of Bram Waters in Aero Trading Ltd (Air Master CS props) and
> I was talking to Bram about your enquiry yesterday.
> Obviously choosing a propeller for your Velocity is a big decision and it
> would be a lot easier for you if we could give you examples of other
> Velocities using AM props. We cannot at present because we have yet to make
> a Velocity sale. We think that the Velocity would be well suited to the
> AP506 and are very interested in the Velocity market.
> Our company policy is to send a representative to fit our props (free of
> charge) for the first sale of any new airplane that we plan to support.
> This enables us to do vibration analysis on the prop and ensure that any
> technical problems for that configuration are dealt with immediately.
> Needless to say we will refund the full cost of the propeller if the
> customer is not satisfied at that point.
> To be candid, we do have some concerns about your configuration. The first
> is the power of your engine - at 300hp it is significantly  over the 220hp
> recommended for the AP506. In it's favour, though, it is not direct drive
> so this will place less stress on the hub.
> This brings us to our next problem with Velocities - which blades to use.
> Our company normally fits blades to our hubs that are manufactured by
> specialist propeller blade companies. Eg Warp Drive for our smaller hubs.
> Our normal approach is to find a good fixed pitch propeller manufacturer
> for the new model, then adapt the fixed pitch blades to work with our CS
> Hub.
> We understand that Performance Props Inc may have a wooden FP prop for
> Velocities - any information you could give us on which are the best FP
> props for Velocities would be helpful. Especially useful would be any
> examples of FP props being used for 250 - 300 hp.
> In summary, only if we can find a FP prop being successfully used by a
> Velocity of similar power to yours that we can adapt to our AP 506 hubs
> would feel confident it would work in your situation. Until then we could
> not recommend the AP 506 for your powerplant.
> Sincerely,
> Murray Haszard
> Aero Trading Ltd

// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under construction