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Re: REFLECTOR: Eastern Avionics, Reply Vince Veltri

I'm not pushing Eastern Avionics.  That said,  I do appreciate a business 
that gives a good product at a fair price, and takes the time to treat me as 
a customer instead of an inconvienance. I have received all of this and more 
from Eastern, and so have a few friends.  There will always be problems that 
crop up, and things do go wrong with orders. That's Life, I've had my share 
of strange dealings with Velocity as well. Does that make me condemn them and 
badmouth them to others,  No. 
What I like from people I do buisness with is just good guisness. No a@# 
kissing, nothing free, Just good buisness. i wish more people did buisness 
like eastern and Velocity,  Sure would help out my blood pressure :)  
Relax all, and forward the good experiences as well as the bitchin'

Kurt Winker