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REFLECTOR: Eastern Avionics, Reply Vince Veltri

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DATE:	6/3/99 5:01 PM

RE:	Vince Veltri


Thanks for the "heads up" on the item posted by
shawn penning in the Velocity Reflector.  Our
records indicate that Mr. Penning had two squawks
regarding the order placed with Eastern Avionics.
The first was a problem with a Garmin Gps/Com-190,
which was replaced under warranty.  The second was
a problem with cable lengths for a harness that we
fabricated.  The measurements were provided by his
builder,  The Hobby Shop of Burke, S.D.  We
rebuilt the harness with the proper lengths
earlier this year.  They agreed to pay a
reasonable charge and wanted to pick up the new
harness at Sun n' Fun in Lakeland.  They did not
make it to the show and subsequently asked us to
ship it to The Hobby Shop.  We asked for $100 to
cover the cost of rebuilding the harness.  After
several weeks passed with no payment, a decision
was made to ship the harness at end of May, for
the following reason.  We have experienced
problems in the past with The Hobby Shop in Burke,
S.D.  Suffice it to say that we will not accept
any future orders from that company.  Mr.
Penning's dealings with us have been most
satisfactory.  I have spoken with him on several
occasions and assisted him with his order.  I do
not know what prompted him to post this notice,
unless he reacted to hearsay from The Hobby Shop.
Eastern Avionics enjoys an excellent reputation
for customer service and attention to details,
earned over the past two decades in a fiercely
competitive and highly technical industry.  While
we realize it is not possible to satisfy all the
people, all the time, that remains our goal.



Vince Veltri,
Director of Marketing

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