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Re: REFLECTOR: RG hyd pressure adjustments


If you were to check back in the reflector archives you'd probably find a
couple of postings I made about the same issue.  After considerable testing,
and returning my pressure switches for recalibration ($40) to no avail; I
finally concluded that the 'turn-off' pressure is substantially determined
by the delay time in the mechanical relays and the inertia of the pump.

Also; adjusting the screws at the top of the switch adjusts bandwidth; not
the turn-off pressure.  My suggestion was don't bother measuring the
pressure.  Since I purchased a gauge, I think I will eventually put solid
state relays in the system and see how it works then.

Al Gietzen

>I was adjusting my RG hyd pressure using the loaner gauge sent to me by
>Velocity. As I was adjusting the switches I found out that the pump
>increases the pressure ALOT even with very small momentary engagements.
>For example, I had the low pressure switch set to activate when the low
>side pressure dropped to about 250-300 PSI. Just the momentary pulse of the
>pump shoots the pressure up to about 900 lbs. The momentum in the
>winding-down motor of the pump is enough to send this pressure to this
>Have any others noticed this. Is it normal? Would an accumulator help?
>Other than that I have been very pleased with it. No leaks!! I still need
>small spacer adjustments on both actuators to make everythink just right.
>Happy Memorial Day!!
>Dave Brown