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Re: REFLECTOR: Water cooling (was: v6 update)

DAVE :  just getting to that experimental part of the problem. #1 we have
been listening to other v-6 builders.  #2 we have  ideas of how we expect
our cooling system to work.  #3 were going to implement those ideas and see
if our ideas fly .  #4  i'll try to keep you updated.  feel free to check
with me around end of july.  probable i'll be like the diesel builders, i'll
have it ready at sun & fun.  anyone with ideas i'm all eaars.
thanks mike schmitt    72m

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From: David Doshay <ddoshay@cisco.com>
To: reflector@awpi.com <reflector@awpi.com>
Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 3:48 PM
Subject: REFLECTOR: Water cooling (was: v6 update)

>In the past I have tended to take these discussions off-line to
>minimize the clutter in everybody's email boxes, but often
>folks pipe up and ask me to get the discussion back on the
>reflector, so for now I will post away. If enough folks don't
>want to see this, let me know and I'll take it private again.
>What I want to know is how Mike and Kurt are cooling their
>V6 engines ... water I know, but where are the radiators and
>how is the air ducted? How much radiator is being used to
>cool the output of how much expected hp? How is the water
>being plumbed to the radiators? Where is the oil cooler and
>how big is it?
>I just had my Mazda 20b 3-rotor rebuilt, and while I am not
>anywhere near bolting it to the firewall, there are still lots of
>plumbing and ducting issues to work out.