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REFLECTOR: Water cooling (was: v6 update)

In the past I have tended to take these discussions off-line to
minimize the clutter in everybody's email boxes, but often
folks pipe up and ask me to get the discussion back on the
reflector, so for now I will post away. If enough folks don't
want to see this, let me know and I'll take it private again.

What I want to know is how Mike and Kurt are cooling their
V6 engines ... water I know, but where are the radiators and
how is the air ducted? How much radiator is being used to
cool the output of how much expected hp? How is the water
being plumbed to the radiators? Where is the oil cooler and
how big is it?

I just had my Mazda 20b 3-rotor rebuilt, and while I am not
anywhere near bolting it to the firewall, there are still lots of
plumbing and ducting issues to work out.