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Re: REFLECTOR: v6 update

kurt   where are you on your engin install.  by the end of june i expect to
have a v6  w/ electronic fule inj. & ignition, and turbo running on a test
stand. this according to my engine builder ???   this engine has aluminum
block & heads. if you have any questions let me know. want to talk on the
phone call me at 800-264-4519

looking forward to hearing from you
mike schmitt sr    72m  173 elite rg
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From: NMFlyer1@aol.com <NMFlyer1@aol.com>
To: reflector@awpi.com <reflector@awpi.com>; donaldwhite@compuserve.com
Date: Tuesday, June 01, 1999 7:15 PM
Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: Eastern Avionics

>I have also gone through Eastern Evionics for my old PA28. They were  Very
>helpful, Very competitive, and I will definately give them my buisness
>Kurt Winker
>173 FGE
>4.3L Alum V-6