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REFLECTOR: Something for Nothing???

Any experiences from any one will be helpful.  

I am considering replacing my 8.7:1 IO360C1C pistons with Performance 
Engine's 10.5:1 pistons.  I will be flow benching, ceramic coating the piston 
tops, cylinder heads, and exhaust valve stems in order to keep things cool, 
if I decide to go that way.  The C1C is a 200HP W/ larger mains and rod 
journals.  This is a somewhat common thing to boost HP not only done by 
Performance, but also Lycon.  A few friends have done this with Lancairs 
(pullers) but don't have any pre-temp information as they built the engines 
from scratch that way.  All my temps are fine now, 320' cruise, 400'max climb 
W/ up draft cooling.  They say (sellers) that the ceramics will keep things 
cool, but will they.  I am one who believes things are built with a safety 
margin and I don't like pushing things, and nothing is free (and I'm not 
talking cost).  Anyone fooled with this?  The next step is waiting to see 
what is going to happen with that Airmaster prop, sounds encouraging, and 
what Oshkosh will have.  Otherwise an MT is in order.