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Re: REFLECTOR: Help on brakes?

I used a metric bolt BANJO fitting with a regular 1/8" pipe output.  This
allows the right angle turn and can be pointed in any direction as well.  Most
racing supply houses as well as places like Amazon Hose may have them.  The
real trick is to find one with a metric bolt.  These fittings are used a lot
on fuel & brake systems on racing engines.


pamberg@ibm.net wrote:

> Dennis Martin wrote:
> >
> > I noticed today that the elbow supplied in the factory kit does not fit
> > well into the master cylinder. I also remember hearing reports that some
> > have leaked  because the hole in the master cylinder is tapered, and the
> > brass elbow we have is not.
> >
> > Can anyone tell me where I can get a proper metric threaded fitting that
> > will fit all the way into the cylinder?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > Dennis Martin
> Dennis,
> Remember that the cylinder is from a Datsun/Nissan car master clutch
> assy.  You can get the correct parts from your local NAPA store. Just
> remember it's metric.  Can't remember the size just bring in one of the
> cylinders and they can test fit the correct one.  The fitting will come
> with a length of steel pipe, that is flared, which is the only correct
> way to put it together. No teflon tape no pipe dope. Just a simple
> tubing wrench and the correct torque.  There are millions out there
> right now driving around.  If you look on the racks in the NAPA store
> you can probably locate a straight union to make the junction between
> the steel pipe and the plastic brake line supplied with the kit. Again
> this connection is identical to the one you make back at the elbow at
> the brake caliper.  I did upgrade to Agnew's heavier plastic tubing. One
> more thing, if you keep ~6 inches of steel pipe, and use a small radius
> tubing bender you can clear the inside of the fuselage wall with the
> left brake cyl.  If you have any problems, with the bend kinking or some
> thing else send me a note off line.


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