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Mark & Crew;

It's times like these I REALLY DO wish I lived in the US and could just
skip over a "few miles" to attend! Sounds like you are really putting on a
good 'show and tell' - hope the Velocity crowd over there makes all the
effort worthwhile.

(....Did you hear that brothers & helpers?)



>Just a reminder!  With all the talk of fly-in's on the reflector lately,
>don't forget Velocity West is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Velocity West
>Fly-in on June 12th.  The event will take place at our new facility on the
>Lincoln Regional Airport in Lincoln, California.
>As we did last year, we'll be having guest speakers in the afternoon
>talking about everything from instrument panels to how to prepare you and
>your airplane  for the final FAA inspection.
>On display in the hangar will be several Velocity projects under
>construction, as well as several completed Velocitys.  In addition, we
>expect a good number of flying Velocitys to make their way to the event for
>the day.
>Come evening time, we will be putting on a catered Texas BBQ dinner,
>featuring great deserts and lots of door prizes.  Call us for dinner
>reservations prior to June 1st for the best price.  Naturally there is no
>cost for the fly-in, nor any need to call, unless you plan to stay for dinner.
>Our new facility has a bathroom equipped with a shower, so if you want to
>camp over for the evening, just let us know.  Hotel rooms are also
>available in several adjacent communities.
>Hope to see lots of you there!
>Take Care
>Velocity West Staff

Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L