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Greetings everyone:

Just a reminder!  With all the talk of fly-in's on the reflector lately,
don't forget Velocity West is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Velocity West
Fly-in on June 12th.  The event will take place at our new facility on the
Lincoln Regional Airport in Lincoln, California.

As we did last year, we'll be having guest speakers in the afternoon
talking about everything from instrument panels to how to prepare you and
your airplane  for the final FAA inspection.

On display in the hangar will be several Velocity projects under
construction, as well as several completed Velocitys.  In addition, we
expect a good number of flying Velocitys to make their way to the event for
the day.

Come evening time, we will be putting on a catered Texas BBQ dinner,
featuring great deserts and lots of door prizes.  Call us for dinner
reservations prior to June 1st for the best price.  Naturally there is no
cost for the fly-in, nor any need to call, unless you plan to stay for dinner.

Our new facility has a bathroom equipped with a shower, so if you want to
camp over for the evening, just let us know.  Hotel rooms are also
available in several adjacent communities.

Hope to see lots of you there!

Take Care
Velocity West Staff