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REFLECTOR: Three good pieces of information

Yesterday I went to the local FSDO to get some clarification on the
registration process and forms.  While there I picked up what I thought
might be helpful to all of the builders.  Following are the items.


1) They gave me an FAA publication called "FAAviationews".  In this
magazine is an article on "SAFETY within arm's reach" which discusses
the necessity to have your safety equipment within arms reach and talks
about a pilot using his cellular phone after he crashed.  It also
contains the following; "Please also remember that the FCC regulations
prohibit the use of cellular phones in flight."  This magazine had
several interesting articles and was FREE.

2) The gold mine is an 1" thick manual from the REGULATORY SUPPORT
DIVISION AFS-600 titled "Amateur Built Aircraft Reference Material"
(the front cover has a picture of a Thorp T-18).
This manual is just   full of suggestions, rules and regulations, sample
forms, checklists, and some really funny cartoons.  This is a must have
and is FREE.

3) Lastly, while discussing the Repairman's Certificate I was told to
make sure that I had a detailed builders log to substantiate your
experience and qualification for this certificate.  As I have said
before I have found the Parsons Technology ( http://www.parsonstech.com/
)  Daily Journal product very good for this purpose since yo can set up
categories, search by dates or content print etc.  It is about $30 but
many of their catalogues have a $10 off coupon.


// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under