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Re: REFLECTOR: fuselage leveling

The following is good advice from Al. Also, I made a short jack (bottle jack,
4x4, 4 triangles) for the nose.
I'm working on my strakes now and use 6x6 blocks under the gear ENDS. This holds
everything very steady for crawling in and out of the fuselage and allows the
wings and spars to hang (torque) as they will on the runway to ensure proper
strake-wing alignment.
For the few times I needed to swing the gear up, I just throw the jacks under
the spar.

Jack Reeder

Al Gietzen wrote:

> Chris;
> For the rest of the life of your airplane you're going to need a jack for
> it; may as well make it now.  I used a length of 4 x 4 and made a base of 4
> triangles cut from a 1 x 12 attached to the sides of the 4 x 4.  Mount a
> hydraulic jack on top.  Glue a piece of carpet to a 4" length of 4x, drill a
> shallow hole in one side to fit over the head of the jack for a nice pad for
> the wing (spar) to rest on.  Make a similar stand for the other side with a
> height just about right to fit under the spar without a jack.  Put the fixed
> stand under one side (maybe with a spacer if needed) and the jack stand
> under the other and adjust the jack for leveling.  Holds the plane up nicely
> for wing attaching, gear tests; whatever.
> Hope this helps.
> Al Gietzen
> >i had fuselage leveled near perfect to mount spar several months ago (via
> saw
> >horses), now that i am nearly ready to work on the fuel strakes, i would
> like
> >to have a better system this time to keep the fuselage level, any
> >suggestions? it seems i remember someone placing cinderblocks with a jack
> >under each side of the spar. i prefer not placing the fuselage on the gear
> as
> >i would like to be able to raise and lower if necessary. any suggestions
> and
> >details appreciated. chris brock xl-rg