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RE: REFLECTOR: Props... Contd.

To all reflector readers:
   I have been talking with the Air Master people and we are now exchanging 
information on prop flat plate area, pitch and length for a future joint 
effort.  We are looking at the 160 to 200 Lycoming (or Franklin 220) for 
testing.  This prop, as some of you know, is an electric propeller fully 
constant speed.  It will use a modified version of the performance blades 
and will cost about $6700.00 to $7,000.00 as we know now.  I'll keep you 
posted as things progress.

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Thanks for all the input on props.  I have just enough info to have no idea 
what I will do !!  I wanted to show all on the reflector a recent post I 
from Airmaster Props.  Let me know what you think, and if you have any 
Thanks again, Here it is:
Kurt Winker,
173 FGE
4.3L Chev, Alum V-6

Hi Kurt,

I am a partner of Bram Waters in Aero Trading Ltd (Air Master CS props) and
I was talking to Bram about your enquiry yesterday.

Obviously choosing a propeller for your Velocity is a big decision and it
would be a lot easier for you if we could give you examples of other
Velocities using AM props. We cannot at present because we have yet to make
a Velocity sale. We think that the Velocity would be well suited to the
AP506 and are very interested in the Velocity market.

Our company policy is to send a representative to fit our props (free of
charge) for the first sale of any new airplane that we plan to support.
This enables us to do vibration analysis on the prop and ensure that any
technical problems for that configuration are dealt with immediately.
Needless to say we will refund the full cost of the propeller if the
customer is not satisfied at that point.

To be candid, we do have some concerns about your configuration. The first
is the power of your engine - at 300hp it is significantly  over the 220hp
recommended for the AP506. In it's favour, though, it is not direct drive
so this will place less stress on the hub.

This brings us to our next problem with Velocities - which blades to use.
Our company normally fits blades to our hubs that are manufactured by
specialist propeller blade companies. Eg Warp Drive for our smaller hubs.
Our normal approach is to find a good fixed pitch propeller manufacturer
for the new model, then adapt the fixed pitch blades to work with our CS

We understand that Performance Props Inc may have a wooden FP prop for
Velocities - any information you could give us on which are the best FP
props for Velocities would be helpful. Especially useful would be any
examples of FP props being used for 250 - 300 hp.

In summary, only if we can find a FP prop being successfully used by a
Velocity of similar power to yours that we can adapt to our AP 506 hubs
would feel confident it would work in your situation. Until then we could
not recommend the AP 506 for your powerplant.


Murray Haszard
Aero Trading Ltd