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Re: REFLECTOR: Finally!!

>Re: First flight of XL/RG
>Dear Greg,
>Congratulations to you, Leon and Richard for what sounds like a job well
>Please send photographs and more details as your time permits.
>Best regards,
>Scott Baker at Velocity West

Why thank you on behalf of the team Mr Baker!

Leon was chasing your # so that he could talk landing technique with you as
I said you were looking to correct the common mistake of pilots extending
final and coming in too fast and too shallow with extended hold off
(crunch!) rather than coming in more normally at 80kts and performing a
definite roundout just off the tarmac... for a potential greaser....hope I
got that right Scott!



Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L