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REFLECTOR: [Fwd: big bolts]

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3/8" #8 bolts would hold the wing loading which is mostly shear but we have to use
1/2" to spread the load out.  Smaller bolts would require steel hard points but
they would cut into the steel bolts.  In extreme hydraulic wing bending test we
have found the first thing to start fatigue failure is hard points in shear then
wing leading edges in torsion.  This is all up in the 8 to 11.5 G range so don't

On the STD FG bolts I prefer 3/8"X 10" #5 bolts because they bend slowly instead
of failing all at once.  Bigger harder bolts usually break the gear bed requiring
far more extensive repair than just replacing the mechanical fuse (small soft

Retracts are a whole different story though.  Don't change anything!  They have
much better attachment leverage and break the lower leg not the gear bed.  The
larger harder bolts are very necessary here like in the wings because we don't
want them to bend or break.

Can you guys tell wing buz is a little slow now?   I should get out of the AC and
go sweet  on my airplane!



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