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Re: REFLECTOR: Finally!!

Congrats Greg !! 
 Fly safe, fast, high, often. 
 Remember the bird strikes will get ya when you're buzzing the blondes
at the beach.
Regards, Jeff

Mr Greg Poole wrote:
> It's happened!
> At around 1500hrs on a sunny blue "sky'd" Autumn day the first Velocity to
> take to the Australian airspace lifted off at Hoxton park Aerodrome in
> Sydney's West.
> The maiden flight of around 40 minutes to 3,000ft was blissfully uneventful
> and the XL - RG performed as expected with no flying faults evident. The
> test pilot (Richard) reported the right wing appeared to fly a little heavy
> - ever so slightly low (torque effect?).
> One could say it was a bit of an anticlimax really but we are so glad to
> have the Velocity flying (....nobody likes being the "first kid on the
> block..." over here. I have quite a few Velocity prospects waiting to see
> this event happen.)
> Now to get on with the building of my own....
> Regards!
> Greg.
> Greg Poole
> (Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
> Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L