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REFLECTOR: Aussie Velocie


> At around 1500hrs on a sunny blue "sky'd" Autumn day the first Velocity to
> take to the Australian airspace lifted off at Hoxton park Aerodrome in
> Sydney's West.

Congratulations!     Now you need about ten more kits right?

> The maiden flight of around 40 minutes to 3,000ft was blissfully uneventful
> and the XL - RG performed as expected with no flying faults evident.

Don't let your guard down.  These things are like chain saws...they are self
distruct machines.  Everybody knows to keep checking prop bolts and fuel
filters but there is more.  You don't want to over torque in aluminum but your
headers, intake manifolds, the servo, controls, gear bolts and all the
accessories have a tendency to loosen at first.  After a few landings it
doesn't hurt to jack her up and cycle the gear too.  I'm sure you know all this
but in your first flight blis I thought I would bring it up.

Reflectorites... anything else you want to mention for Greg to look out for?

> The
> test pilot (Richard) reported the right wing appeared to fly a little heavy
> - ever so slightly low (torque effect?).

There is a little left "P factor" in climb unless you have a "L" engine and
prop.  Is the ball in the center?  If the ball is to the left in level flight
then shim the left rudder out slightly.  If the ball is centered but the right
wing is down then you may need to make a 1/32" thick   1/2" washer and put it
on the bottom left outer bolt between the center and wing spar.The stable
morning air always helps with this fine tuning.