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Re: REFLECTOR: Air Filters

I wrote up how to install one in the wing a long time ago.  I'll have to look and
see if I have the info.  I'm using a Brackett filter mounted in the wing behind
the spar in a plenum that takes the air in a 1" x 8"  slot on the underside of
the wing just behind the spar.


OddJ@aol.com wrote:

> Good question!
> I am pondering the same thing. The factory is not using any filter in their
> planes, which I guess is the reason there is no design/fitting/recommendation
>  etc. for it in the manual.
> However, every "pro" who stops by my hangar tells me that is crazy and my
> engine rebuilder told me that not having a filter might void his warranty.
> So to second Rene's question: What are you flying guys doing and how did you
> do it?
> Odd Jorgensen
> N190J XL/RG with IO 540 C4B5

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