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Re: REFLECTOR: Wing attach bolts

lets get real here! We are talking about the wing attach bolts. If for some
reason you cannot get the correct shorter bolt, you should stick with the
thick stack of washers, or better yet make a thick spacer out of some
suitable bar stock. There are some structural advantages to having bolts
that are longer in this type of application. I believe it is not uncommon
in some European  aircraft engineering practices to deliberately insert
thick spacers under the nut, in this sort of bolt in shear application. The
only drawback I can see is the possibility of incorrect assy at a later
date, and a slight increase in weight.

James K. Glindemann

Long EZ   VH-JZE
V173 RG under slow construction

>   Dave I had the same problem, corrected by using a 1/2" shorter bolt.	 
> i used an SAE grade eight bolt with a yield strength of 130000 PSI     
> and a 150000 tensile, also has rolled threads. This exceeds the AN     
> specs. I would use AN if
> available. 				                                                          
> Regards, Al
> Faison