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Re: REFLECTOR: That bearing


Think you have hit the nail on the head!  I too have just received a
collection of postings from Duane including several I ahve not seen before
dating back to December...and I thought he was just not the communicative


>Hey Joe, Martin, et al,
>        It ain't you.  I think Duane just discovered his send/receive MAIL
>button ($@*%^ computers, right Duane?).  Always glad to get email from
>you !
>        So how DID the RayJay twin turbo testing go ? ("Welcome to the Group"
>dated 12/2/98 !)  You KNOW we can't wait to hear more on the top-scoop
>cooling and a turbo-XL.  Altho since I LOVE the Velocity Views I guess I
>can wait until I read it there.
>Best Regards,
>Jeff Barnes

Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L