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Re: REFLECTOR: That bearing

Hey Joe, Martin, et al,

	It ain't you.  I think Duane just discovered his send/receive MAIL
button ($@*%^ computers, right Duane?).  Always glad to get email from
you !  

	So how DID the RayJay twin turbo testing go ? ("Welcome to the Group"
dated 12/2/98 !)  You KNOW we can't wait to hear more on the top-scoop
cooling and a turbo-XL.  Altho since I LOVE the Velocity Views I guess I
can wait until I read it there.

Best Regards,
Jeff Barnes

Joe Stack wrote:
> Hey Brian,
> I just received about a dozen reflector messages, like this one, that were
> posted in the December/January time frame (thus reinforcing my perception
> that I'm always the last to get the news ;<)).   Based on the content of
> some of the messages I've seen, I've been suspicious for a while that some
> of the postings aren't getting to me.
> Am I alone?  Any idea what's happening here?
> Regards,
> Joe Stack
> 983SC/XLRG
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> From:   Duane Swing [SMTP:DuaneS@velocityaircraft.com]
> Sent:   Thursday, January 07, 1999 1:55 PM
> To:     reflector@awpi.com; Brian K. Michalk
> Subject:        RE: REFLECTOR: That bearing
> Dear Reflector readers:
>    There seems to be a lot of speculation as to the bearing failure of
> Simons Velocity Elite.  Just to set the record straight, the bearing did
> not fail.  The problem seems to be that some of the front torque tube
> bearing assemblies were sent out using the familiar countersink type
> 10/32 screws to hold the bearing in place.  These screws are common on
> the other bearing assemblies and have served without a problem for
> years, but were not to be used on the front bearing of the Elite and XL.
> This is because, unlike the other bearings, the front bearing is trying
> to pull aft when the control stick is pulled back (flare for landing)
> and is installed with the flange of the bearing on the aft face of the
> bracket.  What caused Simons to pull through the countersink screws is
> still not known.  We tried to pull one through here and almost destroyed
> the bracket that holds the bearing before it would let go.  Once we can
> see the part first hand we can, perhaps, have a better idea why.  In the
> meantime, as of tomorrow, we are sending out about 220 postcards to all
> Elite and XL customers to check this bearing support and if the
> countersink screws were used, to replace with a standard flat head 10/32
> screw.  We have also contacted one of our friends and former Velocity
> builder Steve Drybread, who lives near where Simon had his accident, to
> take Simons airplane into his care.  Simon, if you read this, be assured
> that we at the factory are going to do all we can to get you back in the
> air at little or no cost to you.  As to all you Reflector guys, keep
> Simons spirits up when you talk to him.
>    Sincerely,   Duane Swing
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Brian K. Michalk [SMTP:michalk@awpi.com]
> > Sent: Thursday, January 07, 1999 3:38 PM
> > To:   reflector@awpi.com
> > Subject:      REFLECTOR: That bearing
> >
> > My local Velocity builders group got together yesterday for lunch.
> > We were talking about Simon's failure but could not determine
> > exactly where his failure occurred.  I am pretty sure I know
> > where it is now, so just to be sure, Joel Smith scanned in
> > a picture.
> >
> > I labelled it where I think it failed.  This is also for those
> > of you who may not be able to picture the failure yet.  Hope
> > this helps:
> > <http://www.awpi.com/michalk/pics/velpic3.jpg>
> >
> >
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