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RE: REFLECTOR: the Width of pitch trim spring

Dear Mr. Kim:
   Our normal policy on the trim spring is to place a small fish scale
on the trailing edge of the elevator and pull up until the elevator
moves one inch.  It should take approximately 12 lbs. to do this.  Trim
the spring width to give you the proper movement with the proper 12 lbs.
This procedure has been mentioned in the Velocity Views and might be in
the manual but I have no one here now to ask and I just don't have the
time to look it up now.
   Sincerely,   Duane Swing
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> From:	Eung Tai Kim [SMTP:eungkim@kari.re.kr]
> Sent:	Sunday, January 10, 1999 3:47 PM
> To:	reflector@awpi.com
> Subject:	REFLECTOR: the Width of pitch trim spring 
> In May 1998, the pitch trim spring was discussed in the Reflector.
> Someone said that the width of pitch trim spring should not be any
> greater
> than 1"-1 1/4". 
> Mine is 2" and very stiff.
> Yet I hesitate to cut down the width of spring since it's not
> mentioned in
> the consturction manual.
> Would someone please give me some confidence so that I could cut down
> the
> width of pitch trim spring?
> Eung Tai Kim
> South Korea
> 173 FGE