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RE: REFLECTOR: Performance

Hi Dave:
   Happened to see your info on power settings and performance and can
add only this comment.  When Scott and I raced in the CAFE 400 race, we
tried a variety of power settings to see what worked best for speed with
the least amount of fuel burn.  As it turns out, 60 to 65% power always
seemed to work out the best.  In this race, multipliers are assigned to
payload, miles per gallon and speed.  When the final total points were
tallied, almost everyone who placed in the top 10 used the 60 to 65%
settings. This was true in both the production class and the
experimental class.  I know this isn't going to give the max. range but
worked out best for the way most people fly their airplanes.  In our
case, we were flying a Q2 and averaged about 160 mph on a little under 3
gallons per hour while carrying a 400 lb. payload plus fuel for the trip
and a reserve of at least 45 min.
   In most airplanes, once speed is reduced to below best glide speed,
the power needed is greater than what it is at best glide speed (about
90 knots) Depending on our load, this is probably about 35% power.  Then
again, who wants to fly a 170 knot airplane at 90?  
   Keep working.   Duane Swing

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> Subject:	REFLECTOR: Performance
> One of these months I really will finish building my Velocity. As I
> hope to do
> some long-distance flying, I keep wondering how it will perform at
> different
> power settings. Has anyone made a performance chart similar to this
> one? 
>          % Power      Fuel Flow     Airspeed     Miles Per Gal
> Range
>             75%
>             65%
>             55%
>             45%
>             35%
>             25% 		
> While cruising at minimum power is not everyone's cup of tea, it
> should prove
> quite efficient on an endurance and Miles Per Gallon basis. I've never
> seen
> numbers of this sort for the Velocity, so I do not know if I am
> correct in
> believing its range can be doubled (or more) by reducing power. 
> Since mine is a SW RG with Lycoming IO-360, I'd be most interested in
> those
> numbers. But I'd appreciate seeing actual numbers for other Velocities
> as
> well. 
> Thanks for your help,
> Dave Black
> SW RG TopDoor