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Dear Milton:
   I haven't a clue as to who Juanita Londenberg is but if he (she)
wants to co sponsor your fly-in, lets do it.  Just in case you are
wondering, Velocity will pick up the tab on any costs that are not
covered by the normal attendance fee.  We want as many of our people to
attend as possible and if it is necessary to reduce the cost of
motels/meals and etc. to encourage there attendance than we will help.
Keep me informed as to a possible date that will work for you so we can
work around it.  Keep in mind the possible fly-in that Ken Teter and his
son Mark are working on for Chattanooga probably sometime in the spring.
   Sincerely,  Duane Swing

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> Sent:	Tuesday, January 12, 1999 4:14 PM
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> Dear Velocity Factory:
> Please add Juanita Londenberg of Franklin fame to the list of co
> sponsors for the Velocity Fly In. Will report names of other co
> sponsors as they come to the fore.
> Milton Mersky
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