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Re: REFLECTOR: More on props

From:           	"Al Gietzen" <alventures@email.msn.com>

>From what I've gathered from various pilots of planes using IVO is that they
> get good takeoff and climb performance but maybe not so good cruise.  One
> pilot (Glassair II) described it to me as "hitting a wall".  Improving the
> performance of his engine made no difference to his cruise speeds.  He
> believed that the lack of pitch change on the inner part of the prop made
> that portion essentially a "flat plate" (drag) at high speed.

Was this a an inflight adjustable? The Swings have already found that IVO's 
need a different base pitching for fast aircraft like the Velocity and Glassair, 
and I'd bet the Glassair had the standard blade, which was developed for 
slower aircraft.

> Looking further seems to confirm that twisting the outer part of the blade
> does give proper pitch distribution.  See also 'More on Prop Design' by Don
> Bates in the January '99 CSA Newsletter, page 17.

I don't get the newsletter, so is this good or bad for IVO's? (As a design idea.)

David Parrish