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Re: REFLECTOR: Felix prop

We ran my Catto prop on Sam DaSilva's Velocity for about 18 hours.  Sam
normally uses a custom tailored (by him) two blade that will get him 162 Kts.
ground speed with his Lycoming IO-360 180 hp.  My prop is for the 200 hp.
Lycoming so Sam's engine was obviously over propped.  His first observation was
that at idle he had to use a lot more brake since the Catto pushed a lot harder
and was quieter.  With his two blade after about 2550 RPM there was a sudden
change in prop noise (sounded like the prop was cavitating) and no increase in
speed up to 2700.   With the Catto takeoff static RPM was lower but takeoff
roll seemed about the same.  The Catto prop was capable of the 162 Kts but Sam
could not turn it over 2600 if I remember correctly and the sudden change in
prop noise was gone.  In the 18 hours Sam flew with the Catto he flew several
long trips that he was very familiar with and found the speed was the same but
noise and vibration were less.  Sam felt that with another 20 hp he would be
able to turn the prop at 2700.  This prop rivals the MT in finish and looks and
a lot of people even thought that it was an MT.


Dennis Martin wrote:

> Lawrence Epstein wrote:
> >Has anybody tried a Felix Prop yet?
> I was pretty excited about his radical, new "bi-camber" prop that was
> featured in Sport Aviation over a year ago.  I kept in close contact with
> Felix.  He told me another Velocity was testing the bi-camber, but that it
> was a bit disappointing, especially in cruise.  They were working on the
> problem, and I haven't followed up.  Anyone know this Velocity driver so we
> can ask for the latest?
> I've finally placed my order for Craig Catto's prop.  (It's hard rock maple
> covered with glass).  Jim Agnew has a Catto on his bird, and will be
> testing soon - as in sometime this summer, we hope.
> I talked with John Lindgren, Northwest Aero.  He's planning to test the Ivo
> adjustable vs. the Catto, and expects the Catto to outrun the Ivo in cruise
> by a significant margin.
> Dennis Martin
> Long Wing Fixed Gear
> Chevy 4.5 V-6


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// Tampa, FL
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