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Re: REFLECTOR: Epoxy /peel ply

Hi Ron,

	Just make sure the fabric is "chemically" clean, ie: it has no "sizing"
in it.
It's also known as overcoat liner or wedding dress liner.

Jeff Barnes

> Ron Needham wrote:
> I know we talked about this before but do to system error I lost all
> my notes.
> Some one said there that you could Buy peel Ply at a fabric store by
> the name of ( ????)
> Does any one know the name ?
> Also I had a conversation a while ago with Scott about poly fill for
> finish coating.
> I may be wrong on this but he said that poly fill is more or less
> Alpha Poxy with
> Glass Bubbles and Talcum powder added. If this is correct is there any
> one that
> has made the own Poly Fill with success?
> Ron N34CV