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Economy and reliability can go together.

For years we used two bladed props.  The trick was to get one with many laminations
and mount it in the one of the three possible positions that ran smoother that the
other two.  I like to keep a two bladed climb prop for first test flights and a
They run $450 to $650 for 200hp to 300hp.

Six cylinders like the Franklin or 540 make two blades more viable than when Dan and
I used them all the time on four cylinders.  The slightly longer diameter in theory
creates more static thrust for take off but picks up gravel easyer.  We use to just
re-glass the tips every few hundred hours because Sebastion has a lot of gravel.

I have a big two bladed from Props. Inc. 541-265-3032 for my 300hp that only took him
a few weeks to deliver and for only $650.  It is very well built.  He also makes a
prop with three wood ground adjustable blades clamped into an aluminum hub.  It
weighs 20 lbs and cost $1,150.  This one sounds useful.  Anybody want to test one out
for the rest of us?

The IVO with the 7" crush plate stabilizes and doesn't continue to require
This is a very good sign.