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From:           	Dave Black <asterisk@erols.com>

> Yes, but MT is reliable. Can you really afford anything else?

To extend that logic, you should only use a brand new, fresh out of the box 
Lycoming. At $20K-$30K. (And only Lycoming.) Who knows how close to 
fatigue failure that 20, 30, 40 year old aluminum case is in that rebuilt engine?

Then again, how many people do you know who's eyes go wide when you 
say you BUILT 'that dangerous little airplane'?

At this point, I wouldn't recommend an IVO for use with a Lycoming, but I 
wouldn't blanket condemn it either. London's autoconversion and IVO has 
quite a few hours on it now and I don't know of any problems. There's another 
that has quite a few hours with an IVO and a Franklin. (Damn. I'm blanking 
on names again...)

It's all about how much risk any individual is willing to take. If you're 
uncomfortable with the IVO and can't afford the MT, stick with wooden 
Performance Props.

Me, even if I were planning to use a Lycosaurus, the MT is just too rich for 
my blood. (And I'm not going to have an instrument stack that's worth half 
the value of the plane either.)  The best news about the IVO is Ivo is willing to 
make improvements in his props.

David Parrish