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Kurt, looking at Airmaster's  website -- very interesting

It does seem that they have targeted engines smaller than your 300hp beauty.
What do they say about that?

Bill Schweitzer

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> I'm curious about props also.  I am at the time where I'll have to start 
> looking at what to use on my 173 FGE.  I talked to IVO while at Sun-N-Fun
> and 
> told him about my Chevy V-6 installation. Specifically, I asked him
> whether 
> his Magnum blades would have enough bite for my (over) 300 HP V-6.  His
> input 
> was to just put the biggest prop I could on there, perhaps a 72" ?  I'm
> not 
> sure how big I can go yet, but will have more info as soon as the engine 
> comes in next month.  
>  I would love to use an MT prop, but find it really hard to live with the 
> cost. Since it is my own imposed goal of using an adjustable prop, That 
> leaves MT, IVO, and a new one I found at Sun-N-Fun: "Airmaster". It sounds
> good, but I need more info on it.  Their website is WWW.Propellor.com
> Any additional input on props would be appreciated, for now.. Back to the 
> hangar. 
> Kurt Winker
> 173 FGE
> Chev. 4.3L V-6