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I'm curious about props also.  I am at the time where I'll have to start 
looking at what to use on my 173 FGE.  I talked to IVO while at Sun-N-Fun and 
told him about my Chevy V-6 installation. Specifically, I asked him whether 
his Magnum blades would have enough bite for my (over) 300 HP V-6.  His input 
was to just put the biggest prop I could on there, perhaps a 72" ?  I'm not 
sure how big I can go yet, but will have more info as soon as the engine 
comes in next month.  
 I would love to use an MT prop, but find it really hard to live with the 
cost. Since it is my own imposed goal of using an adjustable prop, That 
leaves MT, IVO, and a new one I found at Sun-N-Fun: "Airmaster". It sounds 
good, but I need more info on it.  Their website is WWW.Propellor.com
Any additional input on props would be appreciated, for now.. Back to the 
Kurt Winker
173 FGE
Chev. 4.3L V-6