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We are at first flight stage with the XL down here - the only holdup being
some minor modifications and paperwork resulting from the Technical
Inspections conducted through our SAAA (Australian equiv. of EAA) conducted
last week.

Now, I remember a PREV. EMAIL posting  regarding a resistor  modification
for the S-Tec autopilot for the Velocity. We have a model 30 with altitude
hold and would like to know  what this mod. entailed so that we can follow
through here.

Oh, while I am at it with one of my rare Reflector appearances; I would
very much like to thank the many Velocity people that assisted me with
travel  , friendship, and accomodation during my recent Sun'n'Fun visit and
"jaunt" back down to Sebastian, drive up to Virginia, stay in DC.,  visits
around the DC Velocity builders, and short stay in San Fransisco. In short,
I learnt more about Velocitys than I could ever achieved staying at home in

In particular I would thank Dave Black (driving and friendship) and his
lady; Kaaren (co-ordination) - the finish on Dave's Topdoor has to be sen
to be believed), the Swing Clan (Scott for proving to me - in flight - that
I really did buy the right plane - as well as his impersonations of my
Ausssie accent, - & Brendan for his company and advice), Carl and Deana
Hoffman (talk about hospitality and providing a home away from home!),
Dale Alexander & his girls (see prev. comment for Hoffmans), Mark & Nancy
Monchado & staff, Alan & Mary Shaw and family, George Shaw (what a
character!), Malcolm @ Hangar 18 (some of the nicest work I've seen) Jeff
Barnes (thanks for taking me to the war birds dinner at Kermit Weekes
amazing establishment Jeff), Jim Agnew, and the DC area Velocity builders -
especially Jack & his wife who went to the trouble of "putting on a spread"
for the visiting builders, and  making unbelievable progress with their Std

I made a heap of new friends and satisfied my curiousity in putting faces
to names. Thanks also to the many people who I haven't mentioned that took
an interest and spent some time with me.   Hey,.....you Americans really
aren't such a bad bunch of people!!

If I can give you one tip for travelling - make it a priority to get in
touch with "the locals"  when travelling - that's where the real value is!


Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L