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RE: REFLECTOR: sight guage plus

> From: owner-reflector@awpi.com [mailto:owner-reflector@awpi.com]On
> Behalf Of Jack & Marilou
> Subject: REFLECTOR: sight guage plus
> (3) Does anyone have a Molex type crimper for loan? How about a Sub D
> connector pin crimper?
> (4) Is there any reference on examples of Velocity wiring harnesses and
> bus/electrical layout?
> (5) How do we best deal with "ground lugs" and "airframe ground"? Just
> make sure they are all connected? Are they different in a Velocity?

For pretty comprehensive electrical information, I'd suggest subscribing to
Bob Nuckolls' AeroElectric Connection. The book contains lots of data on
pretty much all aspects of aircraft electrical systems, covering everything
from theory to implementation, including sample wiring diagrams. He also has
various tools and some hard-to-find bits and pieces available. Check the web
site at:


 - Chuck (a very satisfied customer, with most of the electrical system