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REFLECTOR: sight guage plus

Reflectorites, do you know:

(1) where to get the Rutan style sight guages as shown in the Vel.Views?

is that address stil good ($40 to Vance Atkinson, 3604 Wilomet Ct.,
Bedford, TX 76021)?

(2) If the newer fuel caps are a better grade than older modles?(mine is

painted red and I recieved my kit late Dec. '98)

(3) Does anyone have a Molex type crimper for loan? How about a Sub D
connector pin crimper?

(4) Is there any reference on examples of Velocity wiring harnesses and
bus/electrical layout?

(5) How do we best deal with "ground lugs" and "airframe ground"? Just
make sure they are all connected? Are they different in a Velocity?

-Jack Reeder