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RE: REFLECTOR: Re: Winglet bottoms


As for Velocity's winglets, per Mark's recommendation, I had been planning 
to use pour foam because it seemed like far less aggravation than the ribs 
and drainage holes in the bottom.  Since the only ones I've ever seen 
installed had been done that way, I thought they were supposed to look 
pregnant <g>.

Right now I am on the fence between waiting and committing to the Velocity 
winglets (I could push the canard work ahead first).  I know that airplane 
builders (and most especially, kit makers) don't understand the concept 
that "my time is money", but since I'm so slow I'm always looking for 
everything I can do to save time and effort (and get better results).

So the question(s): What is the degree of confidence  in your 2 week 
estimate, and can I get one of the first sets off of the line?


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Joe Stack wrote:

> I've got a set of your wings and I'm days (if not hours) away from being
> ready to install the winglet bottoms. How can I/we get more information
> quick?

Don't let me slow you down.  Velocities winglet bottoms are fine if you put
a little foam rib in it cord wise.  I don't recommend pour foaming them
because they will swell.  If you want to run the rudder all the way down
just put foam in vertically and glass continuations of the wells down into
that part.