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REFLECTOR: Winglet bottoms


After a response from another builder, and further reflection, I realized
that I made two errors in a posting I made earlier today. Most importantly,
I had intended that the reply to your message to go only to you, not to go
"public" on the Reflector, but apparently got sidetracked when I changed the
subject line, and then forgot to delete the Reflector from the 'send to'
line.  Second, where I left the blank I was thinking words like 'oversight'
or 'misconception'; which I thought may be a bit harsh, and it didn't occur
to me that someone might assume something worse.

My apology; I had no intention being harsh or malicious, but only to raise
what I thought may be an obvious question directly with you.

And I promise no more postings early on a Saturday morning.

Al Gietzen