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REFLECTOR: winglet bottoms


Just to be sure that I understand this correctly.  You made a design
modification on the version of the wings you provide because you believed it
didn't make any difference aerodynamically and looked better.  Now we find
that it does make a difference and its better that the winglets do have
"bottoms"; and it is going to cost $200 to correct your _______, I mean, to
put the bottoms back on?

I know you didn't mention anything about the standard wing version, but it
would be quite surprising if the effect would completely go away because the
wing is a foot or so shorter.

Just wondered.

Al Gietzen

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From: Alan Shaw <wingco@iu.net>
To: reflector@awpi.com <reflector@awpi.com>
Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 10:30 AM
Subject: REFLECTOR: Elevator balance, winglet bottoms

>Al Gietzen wrote:
>> If you are going to lump the counterweight; it's more effective to put a
>> bigger lump on the outboard end.
>Good advice.  I prefer prevention by painting the elevators and ailerons TE
>up... hanging from heavy gauge safety wire hooked in small holes drilled in
>TE ends.Trailing edge UP painting is standard practice on certified
>controls.  If they still don't balance the canard weights can be moved
>1"starting with the outboard end.
>Winglet bottoms:
>We are finally working on a mold for the winglet bottoms.  I am told the XL
>lands safer with these and I have experienced better low speed control with
>these on the 173/LW.
>Our part will be available in about two weeks first for our XL customers
N/C (we
>really owe it to them).  They will be $200 (like our foam filled canard
>which includes shipping, for all others.
>Aerodynamically our winglet bottom is the same as Velocities.  Cosmetically
>front is rounded to match the top of our winglets.  Structure is the
>difference.  They are FOAM FILLED pressure molded WITH the RUDDER WELLS
>co-molded in.  They are designed to hold there shape and be easier to
>especially the rudder on the bottom part.
>Have a good day.  :)