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Re: REFLECTOR: Thanks to all

Why thank you Dale!!

Sorry couldn't resist the open door. You sound really reflective and
genuinely imbued Dale - but be careful the cynics of the world don't burst
your bubble! While you are probagbly being more realistic with your time
frames than most, it is easy to write off someone who is not trying to
complete their bird within 12 months.

Regards to the girls (who by nature - it is said- require more cuddling
than us blokes - but the reality is far from this...ask me! ....So have you
provided them with their quota this month? Oops!...I'm off to cuddle mine -
or was that to get mine - doesn't matter..it's supposed to be free!)



PS: You got those ladies involved in your build yet Dale?

>Hi all!
>Last night, Mark and Nancy Machado were at Reid-Hillview Airprt for an EAA
>Chapter 62 meeting. Along with the many things the both of them had to say
>was Marks history of where Velocity started and how it has grown to be the
>plane it is now and how it is backing up a bit to catch the "entry" level
>with the SUV.
>As I sat in my chair, I reflected (intended!) on the changes. Being a builder
>now for going on 3 years, I have the perspective of a small amount of
>history, at least for the last three years. What dawned in my mind was that
>this group of builders, all bound together by the Reflector and this news
>group, have contributed to the process in countless ways: either through
>questions or answers, the product continues to evolve in a positive way.
>I looked at Mark/Nancy's plane last night, still in love with the features,
>performance, safety record, style and realized that the decision I made 3
>years ago remains the correct one to this day and will be correct years from
>now. Part of that decision is based in the free flow of info I receive here
>and for that, I want to say thank you to all.
>Dale Alexander
>173 RG Gull-Wing

Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ P/L