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REFLECTOR: Texas Fly-in


> workshops scheduled

I would be glad to do a composite workshop that would provide people
with some hands on Velocity assembly techniques on a miniature scale
with fast resin.

> I think Milton was saying something about a flour bombing contest.
> Closest canopy to the mark wins a free NASA ASRS form.

This and spot landings are VERY POOR IDEAS in a Velocity from a SAFETY
stand point.Flour drops are best from a J-3 Cub.   I saw an Aztec (low
aspect ratio) full of sand bags win a spot landing contest but I think
he damaged the gear.

A straight (no turns) threesome formation fly-by would be beautiful.
This is about as far as we could go and get FAA approval.  It should be
done with pilots that have prior professional training and experience
with formation flying.   Dropping things, hard spot landings and any
other types of low altitude aerobatics are not what Velocities were
designed for.

Velocities are very popular in Texas so you should have a good show.
Planning the activities and doing effective advertizing (outside of the
Velocity circle) ahead of time is the key.  It is a lot of work to keep
from having a "nothing" show with "nobody" there.