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REFLECTOR: Elevator balance, winglet bottoms

Al Gietzen wrote:

> If you are going to lump the counterweight; it's more effective to put a
> bigger lump on the outboard end.

Good advice.  I prefer prevention by painting the elevators and ailerons TE
up... hanging from heavy gauge safety wire hooked in small holes drilled in the
TE ends.Trailing edge UP painting is standard practice on certified aircraft
controls.  If they still don't balance the canard weights can be moved forward
1"starting with the outboard end.

Winglet bottoms:

We are finally working on a mold for the winglet bottoms.  I am told the XL
lands safer with these and I have experienced better low speed control with
these on the 173/LW.

Our part will be available in about two weeks first for our XL customers N/C (we
really owe it to them).  They will be $200 (like our foam filled canard tips),
which includes shipping, for all others.

Aerodynamically our winglet bottom is the same as Velocities.  Cosmetically the
front is rounded to match the top of our winglets.  Structure is the
difference.  They are FOAM FILLED pressure molded WITH the RUDDER WELLS
co-molded in.  They are designed to hold there shape and be easier to install,
especially the rudder on the bottom part.

Have a good day.  :)